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Enter to win a Back to School family Photo Session


Back to school photography session's include a 60 min on location shoot for up to 5 family members (Please inquire for more family members). I typically use local parks or conservation areas as they provide a spacious area and beautiful backgrounds. The Back to School Family session is $275.00 and include's an image gallery where 15 photos are selected by you. These 15 photo's are then edited and social media sized images delivered via email, I then tag and share your images on Facebook to insure the best quality is shown to your friends and family. The 15 photos are also printed as 4x6's or 5x7's and 2 of those photos are printed as 8x10's. Extra print packages can be purchased through the website. Full sized downloads can be purchased for each image along with a complementary 8 x 10 print for $45.00 Larger fine art prints are also available (size of print will reflect cost).

This package is a great alternative for school photos!!


Contest Rules:

Like and follow Keith White Photography on Facebook and Instagram

Tag a friend who wants a family photo session

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Winner will be announced on October 10th

Cant wait?? Click here to secure  a Fall session


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The Mobile Studio notes The Mobile Studio

The relationship light: The exposure triangleIntro

Understanding this is the true foundation to exposing an image. With the balance of aperture (f2.8 is a lot of light through a large hole results with less in focus or depth of field and F22 is a small hole for the light results with more in focus), Shutter speed (more speed = freeze’s subject but less light, less speed = more light but could result in motion blur) and ISO (light sensitivity, higher number the more sensitive).

When you think of these things, there are just like a relationship. One person is all about speed, the other person wants to make sure things are still in focus. ISO is like the credit card, if that number gets too high, no ones happy.

All three need to be in balance to properly expose a scene. You scene (or photographic vision) will depend on what your shooting.

Sports photography requires faster shutter speed (unless motion in implied)

Landscape photography requires detail from a smaller aperture (unless artistic vision is implied)

Portrait photography requires sharp subjects. Shutter speeds to match focal length (rule of thumb, shutter speed is twice the focal length 200mm=1/400). 

All these things change with the photographers vision and other “gifts” from the camera companies like image stabilization.

Photography does not exist without light

Common “Lighting setups” in photography:

Rembrandt, triangle created from the shadow in the nose and cheek. Split and Broad light, split is 50% face light, broad is over 50% face to camera. Butterfly (paramount) light, small shadow under nose, carves out cheek bones, very nice for women. Clam shell is butterfly with an addition fill/light source from under chin. Loop where butterfly and Rembrandt almost meet. Shadow remains open from nose to cheek.

All faces are different and require your photographic decisions to achieve your look. This is your art. If you don’t want to remember the names of the lighting set up’s, don’t! You do however need to understand how to position the light and you subject in order to achieve your photographic vision.

Are there rules to lighting

Light comes from above, light should match suns direction, try not to “underlight” a subject. Unless that is your intent.

When do these “rules” matter? Can you break these rules?

What’s a rule if you can’t break it?? 

Make the photo yours, its the photographers decision to light, to compose and make adjustments based on elements at the time, location.

Don’t aspire to shoot like “_______”. Learn how “______” achieves their look (lighting, pose and composition) and adjust to your happy place (and more importantly your clients)

Don’t ask people what are your settings? Instead ask what are you (personally) wanting to achieve.

About me

Locations of my shoots:

Gym’s, Clients homes, business places, some large but mostly small, outdoors, parks, garage’s.

Times of shoots

What is the weather? Do you have a backup plan?

What do I bring to my mobile studio?

Camera, usually 2 bodies

Lens must bring:

24-70 (24-105)


Would like to bring: (I shoot Canon but other companies have close to or equivalent)

Headshots for full portraits and couples 135 f2.0 100mm macro f2.8 or 85 f1.2. 

Environmental portrait, groups 50 f1.2 or 35 f1.4 Large groups 15 plus people 15-35

Tripod?? Yes! Just bring it! Even if you leave it in your car. Tripods are so useful for any type of photography. It’s a place to safely leave your camera while adjusting posing. It can be used for getting a “plate shot” for later use in photoshop.

Laptop or Tablet?? Family sessions and other run and gun, no.

Headshot sessions as you can utilize Lightroom or other programs to help select your clients “keepers”. It can also be used for coaching in regards to expression and gesture and posing. Quick edits can also be made while being tethered to Lightroom upon import.

Backdrop or other background:

What is your job? My family sessions are usually outside so I wouldn’t bring one, but in the case that there was a chance I was required to shoot inside I would bring one. 

What is your plan when things don’t work? To often the client will have a vision but not understand what is required to photograph that vision.

Headshot session in an office? Savage background. Group shot for professionals? Larger backdrop.

When shooting multiple subjects to later photoshop the clients together. In these cases be aware of camera position and subject positing (background distance, aperture, camera height) as this will make your life easier in photoshop later.


Lighting recommendations:



32” Octa

48” Octa

Strip bank



Indoor Family


Not recommended





Outdoor Family





Yes but more power may be required














Yes but more power may be required (outdoors)







Yes but more power may be required


-3 People


Yes but not optimal



Yes but more power may be required


Groups 5-





Yes but more power may be required


Groups 5+

Yes (X2)




Not recommended 


















What you chose is dependent on what are your requirements and what can you carry. This is where your kids paper wagon comes in really handy! See link here

Gear Pros and Cons:

Speed lights: 

Pros: Light weight, very versatile, some modifier choices

Cons: Lack of power, not as durable, battery power is not good so battery packs are  recommended (I use Godoy PB 960)


Pros: Power to handle mid day sun, Many modifier choices, Heavier duty construction, good battery life when equipped 

Cons: Heavier weight, expensive, medium to heavy duty stands required, non battery units require power source in the field

Modifiers, where do you start??

Umbrella’s are a great inexpensive and come in many different sizes. You can shoot through them or into them. They can be shallow or deep in order to focus the light.

Westcott Orb is very inexpensive and can be used with both speedlights and strobes. You can also purchase things like the triple threat to add more speedlights. It’s super light weight and packs down very small. I can pack a Orb and two strip boxes with grids in a bag that is smaller than one 48” soft box.

That said...

Just like anything else, if you want more quality or control you need to sacrifice something.

Better quality of light and more durability can be achieved with better quality equipment.

Soft boxes that have been constructed for strobe’s usually have heavy duty material and mechanics that will last longer and manage a more commercial lifestyle.

They also have (in most cases) two layers of diffusion. This can give you different options when lighting a subject.

Other things to help you stand out from the crowd:

Multi light setups, gels, study and understand light temperature and how to match existing lighting (home or office) with the use of gels.

On location shooting:

(What do we look for?)

Look for backgrounds: Textured, blurred for cinematic, environmental?

Look for separation from subject to the background. More separation required for the smaller aperture. This will be dependant with relation to your gear (Lens).


Where is the sun?

Too much sun? Find open shade to shoot. Not blotched by leaves. Use the soft box as a block for the sun and find a darker background. Lighter would lead to a more high key style.

Use the sun as your rim light.

You can also use the reflector to bounce the light onto your subjects. This may cause uncomfort to your clients due to consistent bright light in their face. Worst case situation, have clients close their eyes and open them just before you click the shutter.

Who’s in the shot?

Looks for places that don’t have a lot of pedestrian traffic. This saves time in photoshop. But mostly, clients don’t want an audience. Their nervous enough already, they don’t need to feel any more out of place. Always be polite to people. How you treat others (outside of the client relationship is just as important) highly impacts your professionalism.

Get the important shots first!

Family shoots and weddings too, The kids only have a short attention span. Get the classics and other must have’s. Give the kids a break, have them run around if they need to. Once you have the shot, reassure the parents that you have great photos so they can relax as well. If the parents are worried about Jonny’s pants and Suzy’s hair, the photos will show!


Head shots, when working directly by yourself, don’t waste expressions. Have your client just sit in and not to worry about the camera. They can check emails or watch a video on their phone. At this time your just fine tuning your lights. Your best expressions are going to be within the first few frames.


Flash and strobes

Flash or strobes are usually a hard light source, its hard because of the size relationship with the subject. It’s controlled by a power setting. The light turns on as the shutter is open while the image is being exposed. It’s primarily used to illuminate a subject how ever it can also be used to freeze a subject. When a flash or strobe is triggered (depending on the power setting)  it has a timed duration (T stop), This duration is measured much like a shutter although much faster. This flash duration depends on the strobe/flash and how its built. Usually, the higher the power emitted from the flash, the longer it takes to complete the flash cycle (the light turning on and off). Why do you need to know this? Motion can be captured causing an un sharp image. Although you may not see this in the camera display as it is very small, it can be found in post while editing. Now on the other hand, the lower the flash setting, the faster the flash duration.

How can we use flash duration to benefit us? 

Having a strobe that can still shoot high power along with a higher flash duration can freeze the subject. You can sometimes slow your shutter or increase your ISO to allow for more ambient light in the scene. Speedlites tend to have a longer flash duration at higher power. It’s sometimes better to use multiple flashes at lower power  settings to freeze your subject. You can also use this to your advantage for images taken at night to capture a city scene. Expose for desired look of the scene, then use the flash to illuminate and freeze your subject. Rear curtain sync can also be used for these style of images.   

Flash is most powerful when kept within sync speed. Usually 1/200, some cameras less and some more. How can we control this variable?

Variable neutral density filters are a huge asset to control shutter speeds and keep it below sync speeds. Quality matters with things in front of your lens. Don’t buy inexpensive filters.

I use Polar Pro VND filters (Peter McKinnon) and they have not caused any issues with image quality. I’ve purchased cheaper version’s in the past and the image quality was so bad that I could not use the photo.

A 600 RT flash looses almost 2 stop’s of light as soon as you exceed 1/200th of a sec.

What is High speed sync, and high sync?

While shooting higher than your camera’s speed, along with a  flash compatible with high speed sync (HSS), the flash or strobe fires multiple times during the shutter exposure. The flash duration is incredibly fast and creates a consistent light across subject. This method uses a lot of power and this is the reason why so much light is lost when exceeding sync speed. TTL can be used. In some brands of strobe’s you can also switch from TTL to manual to fine tune your light. 

HSS is like a strobe at night club in the 80’s


This representation Can be seen at Elinchrom’s website, it helps visually see what happens during HSS

High sync (HS) works the complete opposite to HHS. The flash duration is very long. The flash bursts just as the shutter opens and lasts for the entire shutter cycle. You can also adjust the flash to optimize power. This method uses much less power and because of that, the power can be used to push the light further than HSS. TTL is not an option. Gradation is evident with HS but can be minimized by adjusting the timing of the flash (ODS on Elinchrom ELB units).

HighSync is like stadium lights turning on, slow and powerful.

Inverse Square Law

What is the inverse square law??

Intensity = 1/ distance 2

In physics, an inverse-square law is a physical law that states that the farther away an object is from an effect, or a physical quantity causing an effect, the less change can be observed in the object. (Wickedpedia)

What the heck does this mean???

Don’t get scared of the math or physics behind this. Simply put into two main rules:


  1. A light source increases or decreases intensity 4 times when the distance is doubled.
  2. The further away from the subject, the more spread the light will be.


How does this help/hinder us?

  1. Having the light source closer to the subject allows us to darken the background to add attention to our subject and take away distractive objects/subjects within the scene.
  2. When lighting subject(s) with a greater power source, this allows us to move the light source further back as this will result in more even lighting across subject(s). Be aware of the size of your light source while doing this as the further away the light is  from the subject, the smaller the light source is in relation.
  3. This is really helpful when using a backdrop as we can use these “laws” to control the light on the backdrop. We can make a white backdrop grey and even darker if your equipment is powerful enough. 


Other things to think about in regards to lighting a subject:

Utilizing modifiers and distance to subject, a light source that is struggling to keeping up with the ambient light can be placed closer to the subject. This is where we can now utilize a tripod and use a “plate” shots. Expose and compose your image, take the shot using the modifier to light the subject(s). You can take multiple images, lighting different subjects on each photo. Then take your “plate” shot. This will be the photo that won’t have the modifier in the shot. You don’t even need the subjects in the shot providing you have locked you focus. Be aware of light “falloff” and consistent light source placement when using this method.


Thanks so much for attending my photowalk and hope to see you next year at WPPI2021


Keith White





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Colleen and Kyle A rustic country wedding in Buckhorn


Colleen and Kyle Arnott

Saturday August 10th 2019

When I left my house on Saturday morning it was nothing but blue skies. Great for a wedding, but not so much for a photographer. By the time I arrived in Buckhorn the skies where a lot more interesting. As we all worked through the morning, both parties getting ready and myself collecting the moments and memories of joy, happiness, laughter and reflection. The clouds rolled in, along with the wind. Downpours of rain intermittently threatened the outdoor ceremony. As everyone contemplated the final decision was to keep the ceremony outside. That was the right decision! With beautiful dramatic skies we were able to capture all the amazing moments that followed.

Congratulation to Colleen and Kyle, and thank you so much for having me document your day!

Here's a sneak peak of there wedding day.

Thanks for visiting!

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Grant and Iris wedding in Niagara Falls Ontario, Sneak peak Grant and Iris Sneak Peak


As it turns out April 27th 2019 wasn't as warm as a lot of people expected, but that didn't stop the incredible amount of warmth and love that was involved in the union of these two families.

The day began at the Mariott in Niagara Falls. I love hanging with both the bride and groom and collecting the moments before they walk down the isle.

These moments are sometimes quiet and reflective, but mostly filled with laughter and tears of joy.


The First Look

I LOVE setting up first looks! Its so fun to see the joy and happiness on the couples faces, but more so the silent moments as the two enjoy each other with no other distraction.

We chose the first look to be at the venue.

Legends on the Niagara had so many great spots but we chose the stairs in front of the pond 

The Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony is the introduction of the bride and groom to each other's families, its is a significant part of Chinese weddings as the act of serving tea is a sign of respect and appreciation. Its also a chance for parents and relatives to share well wishes and words of wisdom. 

The Ceremony

After a few touch ups to makeup, Iris was back in her dress and ready to walk down the aisle. With a final huddle from the wedding party with words of encouragement from everyone involved it was game time!

 Words could not explain the smile on the two of there faces.

So that's why I'm here.....

que more photo's!

Party time!!

After the ceremony was finished we had a quick couples session. Followed by dinner and dancing.

I'm so happy for Grant and Iris and feel so lucky to spend the day documenting their memories.

Thank you!!

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Vanessa and Jason Maternity photography session Vanessa and Jason are pregnant!


Life happens.....

Now before you get the wrong impression, I mean life does happen! To all of us.

I first met Jason during a photoshoot for one of his bands Luceo. They had asked me to shoot, a live show to get some media for their new album. Jason is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, and during one of his shows I met Vanessa.

Vanessa and Jason's relationship was quite early at this time, but you could tell by the way they looked at each other, there was love in the air.

Vanessa had contacted me for a fitness portrait session. Vanessa was so excited for this photoshoot as she had been working out for years and had achieved so many of her fitness goals. After the photoshoot was finished, with a big look of relief she said... " Awesome!!! now I can have a Big Mac!"

She was such a great person that later I asked her to collaborate with me for a Westcott real deal review.

Then the two had what could be the hardest test to their relationship. Vanessa had a work opportunity in British Columbia. So Jason did what every supportive partner would do and they both drove out west. Jason helped Vanessa get situated then headed back to Ontario as his Band and work needed him.

This was probably the hardest year of her (and Jason's) life. The two stayed strong and one year later, Vanessa got an opportunity to gain employment back in Toronto.

Fast forward almost one year after she moved back, her and Jason bought a house and levelled up their game!

I'm so happy for them, and I am extremely excited to share some of the images from our maternity session.

Please join me in congratulating Vanessa and Jason and wishing them all the best for the years to come!



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Autumn engagement in the Kawartha's Autumn engagement session in Buckhorn

Fall is a great time for weddings, family sessions and of course engagement sessions!

Congratulations to Colleen and Kyle! I loved meeting you guys and can't wait to shoot your special day!


(Keith White Photography) Autumn engagement Durham region family photography Durham region wedding photographer fall colours fall engagement Keith White Photography love toronto wedding photographer Wedding Photography whitby photographer Mon, 22 Oct 2018 23:55:30 GMT
Jay and Nina's sneak peak Jeep lovers wedding in the back 40

Fall weddings bring out the best of autumn colours, especially in the Kawartha's.

Jay and Nina's day was amazing, filled with family and long time friends.

 Jay's touching words to Shya and Lillie didn't leave a dry eye to all who were there.

The intimate ceremony was settled in a field surrounded by hills and colourful trees, followed by a feast at St. Dave's diner.

Then it was off to the reception at the Legion in Lindsay to party.

There we were met by family and friends to celebrate their union.

We rocked the night away with the music provided by Jason from Brain Audio Video

Congratulations Jay and Nina! I'm so thankful to have captured your special day.



(Keith White Photography) Autumn Wedding country wedding Durham region wedding photographer fall wedding farm wedding Keith White Photography toronto wedding photographer wedding photographer Wedding Photography whitby photographer Sun, 21 Oct 2018 22:30:39 GMT
Cory and Ian  

Cory and Ian

A wedding and a surprise


On Sept 22 I had the pleasure of photographing Cory and Ians wedding. Little did I (or the rest of the guest's) know they had a surprise for us all.

The day began at the rejuvenate studio in Pickering. Tiffany, Jen and Annette took care of the hair while Joy Seligmon enhanced their beauty (along with the bruises from said soccer game).Then it was off to Sandi's to finish getting ready.

After meeting up with the guys at Ascott Parc the ceremony was quick to follow. We couldn't have asked for better weather that day.  After celebrating outside we made our way indoors for the reception. It was during the final speech made by Cory and Ian that they revealed their little secret coming April 2019. 

Congratulations guys! thanks for having me capture your special day!







(Keith White Photography) Durham region wedding photographer Keith White Photography toronto wedding photographer Wedding Photography whitby wedding photographer Mon, 15 Oct 2018 19:34:28 GMT
Sneak Peak for Megan and Tyler August 25th, 2018

Megan and Tyler

(Sneak Peak)

What an incredible day!! From hanging with the girls laughing and listening to the occasional musical duet, to a beautiful setting for family photo's at Sunnyside Pavilion, and wrapping up the day at High Park Club.

I've known Megan for a few years and knew her wedding day would be an expression of her, fun, easy going and full of love.

It makes me so happy that she has found someone who has complemented her in every way.

Megan and Tyler, I was you nothing but the best for you both!







(Keith White Photography) keith white photography toronto wedding toronto wedding photographer wedding photographer wedding photography whitby family photographer whitby photographer whitby wedding photographer Tue, 04 Sep 2018 22:37:24 GMT
Vanlife meetup in Tiny Ontario Vanlife meet-up in Tiny, Ontario!


Thanks to everyone in this great community for another great weekend meet up! And a special thanks to our host's Madison and Raynor!

Here's some photos of the fun times, just wish we could have stayed all weekend.




(Keith White Photography) van build van life Ontario Vanlife Mon, 20 Aug 2018 15:56:58 GMT
Spring engagement session in Toronto Just a walk in the Park:

Megan and Tyler Spring Engagement Session

With the weather FINALLY starting to turn for the better, we decided to go to a local Toronto park close to where Tyler had grown up. While the wind still had a bite we stuck to the trees and enjoyed being outside.

I'm so excited for Megan and Tyler and can't wait to document their wedding day in late August.

Please join me in congratulating Megan and Tyler on a journey of a lifetime!

Thanks for looking!

Contact me for a spring photo session!


(Keith White Photography) family photography keith white photography toronto engagement toronto wedding photographer wedding photographer whitby family photographer whitby photographer whitby wedding photographer Sat, 31 Mar 2018 12:15:39 GMT
Ice Fyre Show Nov 19 2017  

Just sharing some photo's from the show.



(Keith White Photography) ice fyre keith white photography Mon, 20 Nov 2017 04:25:08 GMT
Sneak peak for Doug and Christina Doug and Christina

On July 10th I had the pleasure of capturing the union of Doug and Christina.

The story of their day started in Ajax, The Hilton Garden Inn allowed for both parties to comfortably get ready.


It also allow for an intimate setting where Christina and Doug had their "first look" for the day. 


After that it was off to the Oshawa Botanical Garden's for family and couples portraits. This is one of my favourite places to shoot. There are endless setting's at all times of the day.


From there we went to the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

What an incredible place to get married. Plenty of room and fantastic staff that made the ceremony flawless. 





The day was finished with an excellent meal at Bella Notte in whitby. 

The food and service was incredible! Their private room was perfect for Doug and Christina's friends and family to celebrate the next chapter in their lives.


Thanks again Christina and Doug!

More to come!!


(Keith White Photography) bella notte durham region family photography durham region wedding photographer keith white photography oshawa botanical gardens oshawa wedding photographer port perry wedding photographer robert mclaughlin gallery toronto wedding photographer uxbridge wedding photographer wedding photography Wed, 26 Jul 2017 10:03:25 GMT
Sneak Peak at Alayna and Adams wedding Alayna & Adam

Alayna and Adam's love story started before they even knew.

They grew up in the same town, same street and even had social encounters at a young age.

It wasn't until Alayna met Adam's good friend Ron while being lost in the big city, did she know her life would change. Ron helped Alayna find her way back to Stouffville and with this new friendship, back to Adam's life.

The two had their first date in Port Perry at Harp and Wylies and their adventure began.

Fast forward years later, it brings us to a beautiful Saturday in June.

To spend the day with both families helps me understand the love that Alayna and Adam share. 

When you see two separate families working together with love, compassion, understanding and respect for each others values, you can see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

When ever they speak each others name you can see the sparkle in their eyes, smile in their face and blushing in their cheeks.

Thanks to both Alayna and Adam's family and friends for making their special day the best day of their lives.

Special thanks to Glam Galz for their fantastic hair and makeup and DJ Brian Cox for rockin late unto the night.

Keith White Photography specializes in wedding's, as well as family and portrait photography Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding Alayna and Adam's Wedding


(Keith White Photography) Durham region wedding photographer Keith White Photography Port Perry Wedding Photographer Toronto Wedding Photographer Uxbridge Wedding Photographer Wedding Photography Wedding Portraits Whitby wedding photographer headshots Fri, 23 Jun 2017 02:44:58 GMT
Luceo Album Release  

Luceo Album Release at the Moustache Club

Luceo Album Release at the Moustache Club With much anticipation the boys from Luceo were so excited to release their first album called "It's All Good" Luceo is a Punk Ska and Reggae Rock band from Port Perry, Ontario. They have been jamming since October 2015 and started gigging in April 2016. Last Friday May 12th they were pleased to host their album release party. They were joined on stage with the true Shwa legends Mr. Machete. Piffbreak Arcade and The Cardboard Crowns kept the sweat pouring before and after Luceo and Machete killed it. I wasn't able to catch The Cardboard Crowns, but was told I should have been there. I always find it a fun challenge to shoot at dark venues, so much mood and energy! Thanks for checking out my blog!

See the rest of my work here

Check out the video here

Buy "Its' All Good" here









(Keith White Photography) Band Photographer Keith White Photography Mr Machete Oshawa booze luceo luceo band music oshawa photographer piffbreak arcade punk reggae rock ska the cardboard crowns the moustache club whitby photographer Fri, 26 May 2017 00:03:51 GMT
Liz and Keith's sneak peak from their Vineland Wedding

Vineland Estates Winery

What an honour it was to be able to capture all the amazing moments at Liz and Keiths vineland wedding.

The Historic Carriage House was the perfect size for their intimate wedding. The food and the staff were so accommodating and friendly.

Amazing to see the the new season start in the vineyards.

(Keith White Photography) Destination Wedding Durham region family photography Durham region wedding photographer Keith White Photography Niagara Wedding Spring Wedding Vineland Estates Winery Vineyard Wedding Wedding Wedding Photographer Wedding Photography Sun, 14 May 2017 17:27:35 GMT
Family shoot with Kim and Marcel Fall is so amazing. I love all the colours and the warm glow of the sun. It was such a pleasure to meet and photograph Kim and her wonderful family. Don't worry Marcel, you did great!​ Fall Family Photography Fall Family Photography

Fall Family Photography Fall Family Photography

(Keith White Photography) Durham region family photography Image Keith White Photography Oshawa Botanical Gardens Whitby family photography Fri, 28 Oct 2016 21:12:39 GMT
Nikki and Crystal I really don't think you could have asked for a better day. Beautiful autumn colours and a cool breeze. Im so thankful to both Nikki, Crystal and their families for the privilege to photograph their special day.  

(Keith White Photography) Durham region wedding photographer Keith White Photography LGBT Lakeridge Links Lesbian Wedding TwoBrides Wedding Photography Whispering Ridge Whitby Wedding Photographer lesbian wedding whitby lgbt weddings love samesex wedding Sun, 16 Oct 2016 15:22:05 GMT
Baby Alexander cake smash!! Always a treat to shoot Alexander. Such a happy boy and he loves his cake! Autumn is the time for family photography sessions. Keith White Photography can offer the highest quality images with unique settings

(Keith White Photography) baby photography cake smash keith white Photography whitby family photographer Wed, 12 Oct 2016 03:03:16 GMT
Jen and Adam in Summerside PEI The Shipyard

A slight overcast day, along with a cool breeze from the ocean added to an amazing day. This wedding adventure took Durham Wedding Photography to Summerside PEI. The second largest city on the west side of the Island still has a small town feel.

The Shipyard is a fantastic venue that sits on the ocean. Why Summerside?

This is where Adam grew up. The evening before the wedding Adam's mother "Tootsie" invited all the wedding guest's to her home for a feast of Lobster, Clams, Oysters and not to mention one of the best seafood chowder I've ever had. 

After the ceremony we rushed off to Adam's Nanny. She was so excited to see them both. With a quick stop at the park for some family pics, its hard to see a canon and not want to climb it! There was also a bit of time for fun. Dinner was fantastic and accommodating to everyone. Thank-you Jen and Adam for having us apart of your special day

(Keith White Photography) Durham Wedding Photography Keith White Photography Shipyard weddings and events Whitby photography destination weddings pei photographer summerside wedding the shipyard wedding photography Tue, 04 Aug 2015 15:37:35 GMT
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